Where to Find The Most Attractive Lingerie in England

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As a woman, you have certainly confronted at some point in your life with the confusion of not knowing what brand offers the most comfortable and high-quality lingerie. England is one of those countries that have many excellent shops that offer wonderful items at good prices. In the following article, we will show you where you can find the most attractive lingerie in the United Kingdom.

Victoria’s Secret

How can you not love this brand?! It has amazing lingerie items made of high-quality materials and plenty of models to choose from. More than this, the prices are quite affordable. You can find this brand in the big cities of England, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, Bristol, and Reading. However, if you are not visiting any of these cities you can still order online the desired items. The online store displays all the lingerie items that Victoria’s Secret has, and the order will arrive at you in just a few days, no matter your location.

Ann Summers

Ann Summers offers only sexy and attractive lingerie for special occasions. The prices are a bit higher than they are at Victoria’s Secret, but the materials and the design of the lingerie items from here are without a doubt excellent. If you want to catch some reductions then make sure you visit Ann Summers stores at the end of summer or in the wintertime. Ann Summer stores are in London, Birmingham, Luton, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, Hounslow, Reading, Plymouth, York, Portsmouth, Taunton, and Intu Potteries. Take into account the fact that Ann Summers also has a large range of sex toys.

Coco de Mer

Located in London, on the Monmouth Street, Coco de Mer doesn’t only offer attractive lingerie but sex toys and erotic art object as well. This store is actually a mix of several brands such as Damaris, McCartney, Kriss Soonik, and Chromat. If you are a man and want to buy a special gift for your partner then we highly recommend you to visit the Coco de Mer store. You can have a look on the official website in order to make an idea about what Coco de Mer has to offer.

Agent Provocateur

We also want to add to our list the Agent Provocateur lingerie store, which has not more and not less than seven outlets in England. The items from here have different styles from virginal to rude, and the most classical models are made of scalloped lace and silk chiffons. The attention to detail is absolutely incredible. Whether you’re looking for some ideas or for a gift, Agent Provocateur must be on the London lingerie list. Oxford has as well a store of this brand.


At Harrods, you will also find attractive and high-quality products that will make you feel extremely feminine. The disadvantage is that it is only in London and you will not be able to find it in other cities. However, it is definitely worth to go for a shopping session here, even though the prices are quite high.



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